SEPT 21—23 2018





SEPT 21—23


Celebrating its tenth year! The Classroom provides space for informal lectures, readings, screenings and other activities by artists, writers, designers, and publishers. The program highlights exciting new releases at the Fair and fosters dialogue around important themes for contemporary art publishing and the broader community.
Participants include: Ann Butler, Johanna Drucker, Lia Gangitano, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, Tammy Nguyen, Jeanine Tang, Lynne Tillman, Ruth van Beek, and Martha Wilson, among many others. Organized by David Senior, Head of the Library and Archives, SFMOMA.
                This year The Classroom will be held in two locations, indicated as CL (the second floor), or CLT (the basement theater).


2:00 – 3:00 pm, CL

Faucets, with Kandis Williams and Taylor Doran

                Kandis Williams and Taylor Doran of CASSANDRA Press will lead a discussion on access to education, arts institutions, and the school-to-prison pipeline. This discussion is held in conjunction with the release of CASSANDRA’s new publication Faucets, which brings together syllabi and reading materials from educators, with the intention of distributing the materials to low income and incarcerated individuals with limited access to education. The discussion will open up dialogue surrounding key issues of access and power. From the NAACP, 2005: “In the last decade, the punitive and overzealous tools and approaches of the modern criminal justice system have seeped into our schools, serving to remove children from mainstream educational environments and funnel them onto a one-way path toward prison. . . The School-to-Prison Pipeline is one of the most urgent challenges in education today.” ︎

2:00 – 3:00 pm, CL

Faucets, with Kandis Williams and Taylor Doran

                Kandis Williams and Taylor Doran of CASSANDRA Press will lead a discussion on access to education, arts institutions, and the school-to-prison pipeline. This discussion is held in conjunction with the release of CASSANDRA’s new publication Faucets, which brings together syllabi and reading materials from educators, with the intention of distributing the materials to low income and incarcerated individuals with limited access to education. The discussion will open up dialogue surrounding key issues of access and power. From the NAACP, 2005: “In the last decade, the punitive and overzealous tools and approaches of the modern criminal justice system have seeped into our schools, serving to remove children from mainstream educational environments and funnel them onto a one-way path toward prison. . . The School-to-Prison Pipeline is one of the most urgent challenges in education today.” ︎

3:00 – 4:00 pm, CL

Film Culture 80: The Legend of Barbara Rubin, with Jonas Mekas, Chuck Smith, Franziska Bauer and Anne König.

                Barbara Rubin (1945-1980) is a little known, but highly important figure in the internationalization of the avant-garde. Having entered the New York Underground in the 1960s while still a teenager, she quickly became one of its key figures. Her pioneering 1963 double-projection film Christmas on Earth was both sexually provocative and aesthetically innovative. She worked regularly with Jonas Mekas and Andy Warhol, introduced Bob Dylan to Allen Ginsberg, and connected Warhol with The Velvet Underground. During an intense period of activity and travel, Rubin wrote passionate letters about film and the underground to Mekas. This special 80th issue of the magazine Film Culture features her previously unpublished letters to Mekas. It also includes interviews, photographs and Rubin’s script, Christmas on Earth Continued, a planned sequel to her notorious film. Jonas Mekas (editor-in-chief) together with Chuck Smith (filmmaker and editor of this issue), along with designer Franziska Bauer and publisher Anne König join in a discussion about Rubin’s legacy. Presented by Spector Books. ︎

4:00 – 5:00 pm, CL

Ascent of A Confederate Mushroom: Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern on editing, meaning and collaboration.

                Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern have collaborated on numerous projects over the past ten years, including many photobooks, a photography “textbook,” and a flexidisk of ambient sounds. They will discus their individual practices as well as their methods of working together. They will end by talking about their most recent books—Halpern’s Confederate Moons, and Fulford’s Clayton’s Ascent—which were part of TBW Books’ 2018 Annual Series No. 6. Presented by TBW Books. ︎

5:00 – 6:00 pm, CL

Badlands Unlimited Act 1 by Badlands Unlimited, read by Sharlene Bamboat, Caitlin Berrigan, Tyler Coburn, Adam Gibbons, David Levine, Judith Vrancken, Elvia Wilk and Eva Wilson and others

                Set behind the scenes of an artist-run, New York-based publishing company, the play Badlands Unlimited Act 1 follows seven characters as they launch an erotic novella, deal with internal conflicts, and imagine the promise and threat of technology between the pages and in our lives. 
Badlands Unlimited Act 1, written by Badlands Unlimited, is issue #5 of the new series ” ” (quotation mark quotation mark), edited by Adam Gibbons and Eva Wilson and published by NERO — a project that looks at the forms and roles of publishing as and within artists’ practices. Presented by Nero. ︎

6:00 – 7:00 pm, CL

The Conditions of Being Art: Screening and Discussion with Ann Butler, Lia Gangitano, and Jeannine Tang. Hosted by Dancing Foxes Press and Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)

                The Conditions of Being Art is the first book to examine the activities of groundbreaking contemporary art galleries Pat Hearn Gallery and American Fine Arts, Co. (1983-2004), and the transnational milieu of artists, dealers and critics that surrounded them. Drawing on the archives of dealers Pat Hearn and Colin de Land – both, independently, legendary players on the New York art scene of the 1980s and 90s, whose life partnership offered a third space of ideas and kinship – the publication coincides with the exhibition of the same name currently on view at CCS Bard Hessel Museum of Art. To mark its publication by CCS Bard and Dancing Foxes Press, EAI and Dancing Foxes present a screening of video and films by artists supported by Hearn and de Land. An informal talk with The Conditions of Being Art editors and curators Ann Butler, Lia Gangitano, and Jeannine Tang will follow. ︎

12:00 – 1:00 pm, CL

Temporary Monuments, The Work of Rosemary Mayer, 1977-1982, with Marie Warsh

                An illustrated talk on Rosemary Mayer’s varied involvement in the book form with Marie Warsh, editor of Temporary Monuments, The Work of Rosemary Mayer, 1977-1982, published by Soberscove Press in 2018. Focusing on installation and performance work featured in the new publication, Warsh will discuss how Mayer’s artist books and writings were a way to anchor and share these ephemeral projects, and an outgrowth of her deep involvement in book-making and exploration of the relationship between text and image. To further contextualize Mayer’s work, this talk explores Mayer’s contributions to 0 TO 9; illustration of the covers of poetry books from the 1970s; artists books, which incorporate writing, drawing, and collage; Pontormo’s Diary, published by Out of London Press in 1982 that incorporates a catalogue of Rosemary’s work as well as translation of the Mannerist painter’s journal; Dinner Book, her journal of meals and dinner parties from the 1980s; and her extensive personal diaries. Presented by Soberscove Press. ︎

12:00 — 1:30 pm, CLT

CHARAS: The Improbable Dome Builders, with Chino Garcia, Libertad O. Guerra, Matt Mottel, and Nandini Bagchee

                The Song Cave, in partnership with Pioneer Works, presents CHARAS: The Improbable Dome Builders, by Syeus Mottel, a fascinating account of six ex-gang members who broke ground to construct a geodesic dome on a vacant lot in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge after a 1970 meeting with the celebrated and revolutionary architect R. Buckminster Fuller. Physically altering the housing conditions in their immediate neighborhood, the group sought to reclaim public space and develop programs for community autonomy. Originally published in 1973, this expanded edition acts as a record to highlight ways communities activate empty spaces before gentrification. CHARAS co-founder Chino Garcia, will be in conversation with Libertad O. Guerra, Director of The Loisaida Center, Michael Ben-Eli, early CHARAS adviser and founder of The Sustainability Lab and Matt Mottel, moderated by architect and Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture Professor Nandini Bagchee. ︎

1:00 – 2:00 pm, CL

How To Do The Flowers by Ruth van Beek

                The repetition of images, visual sequences, accidental similarities and free associations form the alphabet of a mysterious language. Starting from her archive, Ruth van Beek makes collages and books. The images from this archive are constantly conversing with one another. A large part of the image archive finds its origin in old manuals. Books that are made as a tool, as an advisor for everyday occupations. The images mainly show hands that demonstrate how something is supposed to be done. Hands that dig in the earth, that make dolls, that arrange flowers, that cook. All sorts of daily actions pass by. By focusing on the action and detaching from the original context, van Beek encourages imagination, thereby provoking uncomfortable and uneasy feelings: passive human hands become animated, objects become characters and abstract shapes come to life. Hundreds of images and tests from van Beeks image archive come together. They show a method and create, in turn, a manual for creating new work. Presented by Art Paper Editions. ︎

1:30 — 3:00 pm, CLT
Publishing as Practice as Resistance by Paul Soulellis

                Launching at NYABF, Printed Web 6 (queer.archive.work) is the final issue of Printed Web, a series edited and published by Paul Soulellis since 2013. It’s an urgent act of publishing that closes out one archive to begin a new one—queer, radical, and as yet, unnamed. It’s an assembling of queer methodologies, with a particular view towards network culture, failure, and refutation. For the Classroom, Paul Soulellis will be joined by several PW6 contributors for performative readings and a discussion of queer publishing. Contributors: American Artist, Somnath Bhatt, Jeffrey Cheung and Gabriel Ramirez (Unity Press), Demian DinéYazhi, Jack Halberstam, Shawné Michaelain Holloway, Nora Khan, Nicole Killian, Be Oakley (Genderfail Archive), Porpentine Charity Heartscape, Nate Pyper, and Sal Randolph. ︎

2:00 – 3:00 pm, CL

Sentiments: Expressions of Cultural Passage, with Kimi Hanauer, Bomin Jeon, Valentina Cabezas, and Bilphena Yahwon

                In this conversation, the Press Press team will reflect on the process and motivations behind their newest publication, Sentiments: Expressions of Cultural Passage. Sentiments is a compilation of conversations, artist projects, and writings, exploring cultural passage, immigrant identity, and notions of sanctuary. It highlights the sensitivities, hacks, gestures, and actions that we, as immigrants and immigrant-adjacent persons, have used to nourish and preserve ourselves, our families, and our communities. Sentiments provides a first-person documentation of the various intersections of immigrant identities and the multiple and complicated facets of immigrant experiences. In complicating the traditional narratives, this collection of voices resists the reductive oversimplification of our racially diverse, multicultural, multilingual, and third-space identities, and offers a more nuanced treatment of the wide-ranging identities and experiences that characterize immigrant existence. Additionally, this series explores how the lived experiences of those who are called immigrants in the United States can inform our understanding of how white supremacy has constructed society. Presented by Press Press. ︎

3:00 – 4:00 pm, CL

Visual AIDS presents DUETS book launch on Jerome Caja with Nayland Blake, Anthony Cianciolo and Anna van der Meulen

                Visual AIDS launches the latest book in our DUETS publication series DUETS: Nayland Blake & Justin Vivian Bond in conversation on Jerome Caja with a public program featuring artist Nayland Blake, founder and director of the Jerome Project, Anthony Cianciolo, and former executor of Jerome Caja’s estate Anna van der Meulen. Described in DUETS as a “gender-fuck force,” Jerome Caja (1958–1995) was a visual artist, drag performer and provocateur in San Francisco. Caja’s playful and powerful art used unconventional materials—ranging from nail polish and eyeliner to human ashes—to express poignant themes of spirituality, mortality and sexuality. The book features artists Nayland Blake and Justin Vivian Bond in conversation reflecting on Caja’s influential life and artistic legacy, with additional written contributions to the publication by Chris Vargas, Amy Scholder, Anna Van Der Meulen and Anthony Cianciolo. For the NYABF launch, Blake, Ciancioli and van der Meulen will discuss Caja’s art, issues around AIDS and queer history, and the important work of maintaining legacies of those like Caja lost too soon to AIDS-related complications. Visual AIDS initiated DUETS to foster dialogue between artists about their creative process and issues around AIDS activism and cultural production. ︎

3:00 — 4:30 pm, CLT

Unitled (Structures) with Leslie Hewitt and Nana Adusei-Poku

                Leslie Hewitt and Nana Adusei-Poku discuss the collaborative approach of Hewitt’s first monograph, Untitled (Structures), published by OSMOS Books. Hewitt describes the collaboration with cinematographer Bradford Young as a project that “addresses the topographic, corporeal, and psychological landscapes embedded in the unexpected traces of history in contemporary life.” The book, edited by Cay-Sophie Rabinowitz with essays by Nana Adusei-Poku and Lisa Lee and a conversation with curator Eva Respini surveys the history of Hewitt’s practice and production. ︎

4:00 – 5:00 pm, CL

Fighting Extrovert-Supremacy, the Shy Radicals Struggle with Hamja Ahsan and Arun Kundnani

                Shy Radicals is the Black Panthers for shy peoples. It takes the form of a revolutionary underground book by activist, curator, artist and writer Hamja Ahsan, that explores the struggle against extrovert-supremacy. The book reanimates current debates on intersectionality, the state of race under the war on terror, the power of the state. It draws from anti-psychiatry, separatist feminism, prison writings, movement lawyers and also the politics of teen movies such as Heathers. In conversation with editor and writer Arun Kundnani, who is currently Visiting Assistant Professor at NYU, Ahsan will talk through zine cultures and use the critical neologisms of the book to address inequality and oppression. Presented by Book Works. ︎

4:30 — 6:00 pm, CLT

Screening of CIVIC TV and Psyman’s Acres

        `    `    A 58-minute program featuring video work by Tauba Auerbach, David Bayus, Ivan Iannoli, Alyssa Lempesis, Nasty Nasty and Tom Richardson, CIVIC TV is an ongoing video series that is an open platform for artists to engage with an audience in a linear format, designed by Marianne Poinsot. Psyman’s Acres is a 23-minute film by David Bayus that takes place at the absolute entropic end of the universe. Orbiting a single red dwarf star, an artificial singularity is holding together the last remaining bit of order in a sea of nothing. To keep the singularity from evaporating; a farm grows crops from which it can feed. A publication of the same name, based on the film, is available from Colpa Press. Presented by Colpa Press.

5:00 – 6:00 pm, CL

Mapping Out the Far East: The Art Book Scene in Asia, with Utrecht Books

            It would not be an exaggeration to say that art book fairs are now taking place in almost every major city around the world, and the East Asian sphere is no exception. A few notable examples include UNLIMITED EDITION, the major Art Book Fair in Seoul; the Singapore Art Book Fair; the Taipei Art Book Fair; and UNFOLD, also known as the Shanghai Art Book Fair. In addition to this is the Tokyo Art Book Fair, an event that we have hosted starting from 2009. These different scenes, both within Japan and those in neighboring countries, have gradually gained prominence for many similar, and sometimes different, reasons. In tandem with this, we also witness a curious intermingling, or bridging, of cultures made apparent through the fairs hosted across Asia. Utrecht Books presents the latest developments in the Far East, drawing on our experiences to delve into observation on the art-book scene there and look to many more interesting future developments that await beyond the horizon. ︎
SATURDAY cont’d.

6:00 — 7:30 pm, CLT

Georgia Sagri Georgia Sagri and I, with Georgia Sagri and Christina Lehnert

                Georgia Sagri and Christina Lehnert (curator, Portikus/Frankfurt a.M.) will present the newly published first monograph of artist Georgia Sagri that comprises her oeuvre from 2007 – 2018. They will discuss the exhibition projects at Kunstverein Braunschweig GEORGIA SAGRI GEORGIA SAGRI and Portikus Georgia Sagri and I and its relation to the catalogue, its design (by graphic designer Yvonne Quirmbach) and the notion of a retrospective. Alongside a broad spectrum of images from exhibitions, performances and works, the catalogue presents essays and discussions from/with Sotirios Bahtsetzis, Daniel Horn, Ruba Katrib, Diego Singh, Stephen Squibb, and discussions between Georgia Sagri, John Kelsey and Bettina Funcke, as well as Georgia Sagri and Silvia Federici. Presented by Sternberg Press. Part I: ︎ Part II: ︎

6:00 – 7:00 pm, CL

Bio: Canceled texts and the World Wide Web, with Maryam Monalisa Gharavi and Brian Droitcour

                A reading and conversation around Gharavi’s Bio (Inventory Press 2018), a hybrid work that reconfigures canceled text and the World Wide Web. The book captures a span of 365 days during which the artist updated the 160-character “bio” section of her Twitter account each day. While tweets are regularly captured by corporate data storage centers this “bio” section remains the only untraceable and non-archived part of the software’s superstructure. “Bio” ultimately left no record of itself, complicating the normative binaries of online/offline and digital/print. An experiment in erasure, self-deletion, and visibility in the expanded sphere of the net, “Bio” anchors itself in the wider lineage of artists’ canceled texts, but in the age of new data as “soft” power. Presented by Inventory Press & Fully Booked. ︎

7:00 – 8:00 pm, CL

Aesthetical Relations with Christina Catherine Martinez

Writer, critic, and comedian Christina Catherine Martinez will present excerpts from her forthcoming book of essays with Hesse Press, followed by a Q + A / discussion on whatever we want. “Aesthetical Relations” is a provisional term Martinez came up with on the spot when asked to provide a name for her irregular and itinerant comedy talk show, and is now also the title of the book, touching on themes of art, fashion, comedy, sickness, and Los Angeles. Presented by Hesse Press. ︎


12:00 – 1:00 pm, CL

The Color Curtain Project, with Tammy Nguyen, Seda Nak and Lovely Umayam

                In April 1955, twenty-nine Asian and African countries gathered in Bandung, Indonesia to take stock of the geopolitical dynamics at the time, and to forge a new coalition denouncing racism, colonialism, and nuclear war. Over sixty years later, the Bandung Conference remains an overlooked historical artifact, but its themes, achievements, and shortcomings still reverberate today. To honor and reflect on the intricate connections between past and present, NY- and DC-based scholars and artists began The Color Curtain Project, a series of dinner parties and art book presentations that convene individuals of African- and Asian-American identities for constructive dialogue. Named after Richard Wright’s reporting on the Bandung Conference, The Color Curtain Project encourages participants to break bread and candidly discuss political and social justice challenges that entwine the contemporary Afro-Asian-American experience. At this event, three co-creators of The Color Curtain Project—nuclear policy analyst Lovely Umayam, DC entrepreneur Seda Nak, artist and founder of Passenger Pigeon Press Tammy Nguyen—will talk about their experiences sifting through information about the Bandung Conference, and the process of using this historic occasion as a launchpad for new connections and conversations. Presented by Passenger Pigeon Press. ︎

1:00 – 2:00 pm, CL
What It Means To Write About Art, with Jarrett Earnest and Lynne Tillman

                Jarrett Earnest and Lynne Tillman discuss the problems and possibilities of conducting interviews with artists and writers, launching Earnest’s new book What It Means To Write About Art: Interviews with Art Critics. Presented by David Zwirner Books. ︎

1:00 – 2:30 pm, CLT

#WIP / Women’s Influence on Artists’ Book Publishing, with Martha Wilson, Erin Zona, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, and Johanna Drucker

                Just following the 2017 NYABF, the hashtag #MeToo spread throughout New York and across the globe at light speed. Many of our friends and colleagues spoke out about painful experiences of the past and present. Celebrities seemed to shout it left and right—some careers bolstered while others burned to the ground. With all this energy surrounding women today, we like to remind ourselves that almost everything is a work in progress. We want to celebrate the progress we have made as women in publishing over the last 30+ years, identify women’s influence on the field, and reimagine the future. This panel brings together Johanna Drucker, author and artist, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, artist and educator, Erin Zona, artistic director of the Women’s Studio Workshop, and Martha Wilson, artist and founder of Franklin Furnace, to discuss the influence of women on artists’ book publishing from the 70s to today. #TheFutureIsFemale. Presented by Small Editions. ︎

2:00 – 3:00 pm, CL

Rowhouse Project

                On occasion of the new publication Rowhouse Project (edited by Lucie Fontaine and published by Hassla), which documents the eight exhibitions that took place in a Baltimore rowhouse from Summer 2014–Spring 2016, artists Sam Anderson, Cynthia Daignault, Ajay Kurian, and Josh Tonsfeldt will discuss their experience at the space and the project with Elena Tavecchia of Lucie Fontaine, David Schoerner of Hassla, and Rowhouse Project founder Shawn Mudd. Presented by Hassla Books. ︎

3:00 – 4:00 pm, CL

43-35 10th Street by Daniel Shea

                Daniel Shea turns his critical lens on the seductive forces of capitalism. Shea will talk about his new book 43–35 10th Street, a book that moves us from the end and edges of built community to its inner-city nascence. Shea, acutely aware of his own role within the operation of neoliberalism, is based within the neighborhood of MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, where he has observed the rapacious processes of recent real estate development. An essay by Walter Benn Michaels in 43–35 10th Street pulls apart the stratifications of Shea’s images, articulating political subjects that roil beneath overtly neutral surfaces or are caught between their layers — the capitalist market and the facility for speculation that art and building have in common, for example, and that artists personify self-organized, precarious, de-unionized labor while creating intrinsically worthless goods that fuel the market itself while not necessarily identifying what they do as labour at all. This, writes Michaels, is “the symbiotic relation between our aesthetics and our economy.“ Presented by Kodoji Press. ︎

3:30 – 5:00 pm, CLT

U.S. Premiere of the film After BUTT by Ian Giles

                After BUTT explores the legacy of BUTT magazine (2001-11) the iconic pink and black publication made by and for gay men. In artist Ian Giles’ film (34 mins, 2018); a group of young gay men re-animate transcribed interviews conducted with BUTT’s editors, photographers, writers and community. Through these shared dialogues, the discussion charged with anecdotes evolves into a larger conversation exploring how BUTT shifted expectations and captured collective histories. The film also engages with BUTT’s lack of diversity and challenges the contemporary role of print publications. This screening will be followed by a panel discussion about gay publishing moderated by Joshua Lubin-Levy with contributions from Abi Benitez and Tom Jackson, editors of Gayletter; Sean Santiago, founder of Cakeboy; writer Michael Bullock, BUTT / Apartamento and artist Ian Giles. Ian Giles is an inaugural recipient of the Shannon Michael Cane Award. ︎

4:00 – 5:00 pm, CL

Omit The Essay: Launch of Knots by Seth Price, with a conversation between the artist, Bettina Funcke, and Joseph Logan

                Seth Price’s latest monograph Knots was originally conceived as a companion to his earlier book Folklore US: two different approaches to making an artistic monograph that omits the critical essay. Folklore USwas treated as a kind of technical manual, while Knots is a ring-bound picture-book. Both books were executed with editor Bettina Funckeand designer Joseph Logan, who join Price to discuss the artist monograph today and how one might tinker with its conventions. The discussion will be followed by a book signing at the Petzel booth. ︎

5:00 – 6:00 pm, CL

Nightboat Books reading with Jen Bervin, Rosamond S King, Aldrin Valdez, Asiya Wadud & Paolo Javier.

                Rosamond S King won the 2018 LAMBDA award for her collection Rock | Salt | Stone (2017). Jen Bervin, author of Silk Poems (2017), is an interdisciplinary artist and poet whose research-driven works weave together art, writing, science and life in a complex yet elegant way. Aldrin Valdez is the author of the exciting debut collection ESL or You Weren’t Here (2018) that presents a portrait of the poet as witness to, & healer of, their child self. Asiya Wadud’s debut Crosslight for Youngbird (2018) is an urgent and vital collection of poems that mixes ekphrasis with reportage to draw a new narrative of our present-day migration crises. Paolo Javier served as the Queens Borough Poet Laureate from 2010-2014 & is the author of Court of the Dragon(2015). ︎


The Courtyard Stage has a ten year history of showcasing emerging talent alongside legendary artists and will host performances from musicians and sound artists to poets and performance artists running throughout the fair weekend.
Presented by Blank Forms.

NYABF Opening Night Preview live performances (Ticketed)
6:00 pm DJ Monchan
7:00 pm Roe Enney
8:00 pm Odwalla1221

Presented by Printed Matter, Inc.

3:00 pm Sergej Vutuc
4:00 pm Faten Kanaan
5:00 pm Ian Epps
6:00 pm Lori Scacco
Presented by Heavy Trip.

3:30 pm Ka Baird
4:45 pm Evan Caminiti
6:00 pm Greg Fox (GDFX)

Presented by Pioneer Works.

3:00 pm Lea Bertucci and Amirtha Kidambi
4:00 pm Jaimie Branch
5:00 pm TYGAPAW
6:00 pm Miho Hatori


Each year the NY Art Book Fair is pleased to host special publication focused projects by select fair exhibitors. These featured projects range from historical surveys and archival presentations, to interactive environments with workshops and performances.

3 Dot Zine presents Welcome, A Space.

                3 Dot Zine will create an immersive interactive reading room featuring an installation of The Free Black Women’s Library, an interactive Black Feminist mobile trading library and interactive biblio installation that features a collection of 1000 books written by Black women. The Yellow Jackets Collective and 3 Dot Zine are tabling new zines and printed matter sourced from a diverse group of artists and zine makers around the country. Khari Johnson Ricks will share zines and prints from his ongoing printmaking practice. Amoss Eff’s wearable hand printed textiles collection, Warefamos, will be available within a special display created for Welcome, A Space. Following in the tradition of the 3 Dot Zine’s Brown Paper Zine & Small Press Fair for Black and PoC Artist, this environment and all artists and collectives who will take part in setting the intentions and possibilities of this space are of color. Zines from Margot Terc, Cósmica, Discipline Press and more will also be available.

Alden Projects™ presents Richard McGuire: Art for the Streets New York 1978-82.

                A special exhibition and book launch, featuring Richard McGuire’s original “Ixnae Nix” street drawings. Described by Glenn O’Brien as “cryto-mystical” in his review of the New York/New Wave show at P.S.1, Queens in 1981, McGuire returns again in 2018 with vintage, spray-painted works depicting his “Ixnae Nix” shadow character surrounded by enigmatic texts drawn in crayon. Also present: McGuire’s distinctive original art for posters for the influential post-punk band Liquid Liquid, of which he was a founding member. McGuire’s ephemeral art is accompanied by black-and-white photographs of the downtown streetscapes where they originally appeared. Published by Alden Projects™ with an introduction by Luc Sante and an interview by Todd Alden, the book is also available in a deluxe edition of 100, containing unique art by Richard McGuire.

Gagosian participates with a special project space conceived in collaboration with choreographer William Forsythe, exploring visual and notational approaches to dance and movement.

                Forsythe is a radical innovator in choreography and dance who has redefined the very syntax and praxis of his field. In the course of his singular career spanning five decades, he has developed an extensive repertoire of groundbreaking ballet choreographies and experimental, non-proscenium-based dance-theater works, as well as an open-access digital platform for dance analysis, notation, and improvisation. He has also been working for more than twenty years on installations, film works, and discrete, interactive sculptures that he calls “choreographic objects”, which are the subject of a survey exhibition at the ICA Boston this fall. At the NYABF, printed materials and videos by Forsythe will be featured alongside selected Gagosian publications, as well as additional books and ephemera that reveal Forsythe’s wide-ranging influences and interests including Chris Burden, Katharina Grosse, Richard Serra, Cy Twombly, and Rachel Whiteread.


                will present two new screenprint portfolios by artists Shio Kusaka and Nicolas Party.

Marian Goodman Gallery

                will present a special selection of new print editions, objects and books by their artists, including Leonor Antunes, Christian Boltanski, Ettore Spalletti, and Danh Vo.

Martos Gallery

                presents an exhibition of works and notebooks by Dan Asher. Asher passed away in 2010 and left behind studios filled with paintings, sculpture, video, and works on paper. In March 2018, Martos Gallery had its first solo exhibition with The Estate of Dan Asher which presented an array of work and included a zine made in collaboration with RATSTAR Press. The zine presented a selection of pages from hundreds of Asher’s notebooks. Asher’s borderline hoarding is reflected in his obsessive compulsive production of thousands of works, including notes, mind maps, phone numbers, doodles, and ideas; his thoughts, scribbled down like quick-fire, spill over the edges of the pages, and for this special presentation at NYABF, they spill onto the walls.

onestar press and Three Star Books

                are pleased to present new limited edition artists’ book editions by AA Bronson, Gabriel Kuri, Ebecho Muslimova and a new fiberglass tray edition from Rirkrit Tiravanija. Daniel Gordon will be featured by onestar press this year, taking his digital and analog works to a new level with a dedicated exhibition project presented alongside his new CAMERA ARTIST portfolio projects.

Press Press presents Sentiments: Expressions of Cultural Passage

                A compilation of conversations, artist projects, and writings exploring cultural passage, immigrant identity, and notions of sanctuary, with an interactive exhibition and series of programs in MoMA PS1’s courtyard project space. The space will feature artworks produced by Sentiments contributors and display Press Press’s Manifesto for Sanctuary-Building and Sanctuary-Keeping, a collaboratively-built manifesto Press Press has created with immigrants and immigrant-adjacent people through workshops in Baltimore, New York City, and Chicago that highlights various visions of sanctuary and proposes strategies for creating and protecting those visions. Visitors can attend a number of programs hosted by the group, including Readings on Sanctuary in the project space, where contributors will declare their manifesto and more, and a panel conversation with the project’s editor, Kimi Hanauer, and co-organizers, Valentina Cabezas, Bomin Jeon, and Bilphena Yahwon, as part of The Classroom.

We the News

                is a series of story circles with Black immigrants and first-generation Black Americans that are documented in zines and distributed publicly through a newsstand. The project is by Lizania Cruz, with support from The Laundromat Project in collaboration with BAJI.

Werkplaats Typografie

                is taking shelter in the basement, seeking comfort amongst glowing gilded conduits and generously thick brick walls. How are you dealing with the temperatures in PS1? Do you need a break? A hot chocolate? A blanket perhaps? Did you know that warm air rises to the ceiling? We read somewhere that if one is feeling cold, one should put their ceiling fan on its lowest setting, in clockwise direction, to push the hot air back to the floor where one can feel it. Boiler rooms are not usually known to be the most suitable spaces for simmering down, nevertheless we’d love to warmly welcome you to come down to our Boiling Room for Hot Reading, where you will be provided with some freshly forged (pre)texts and plenty other excellent reasons to chill.
The Werkplaats Typografie (WT), part of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, is a modeling agency, a part-time air quality management venture and a full time metal workshop located in Arnhem, the Netherlands.


This year the Conference relocates to the newly opened Book Culture space at 26-09 Jackson Ave., just a few blocks away. Admission is free for all sessions, but space is limited. Event is held in the bookstore’s downstairs space. We regret that it is not wheelchair-accessible.

This year’s Conference is made possible by generous contributions from Phil Aarons and Stephen Bury. Additional funds donated in memory of Horace H. Solomon. The Conference is organized by the CABC Committee, a national group of art library professionals.

  • Matthew Carson, International Center for Photography Library
  • Emily Dunne, International Center for Photography Library
  • Catherine Feliz, Schomburg Center, NYPL
  • Sarah Hamerman, Princeton University Libraries
  • Kamaria Hatcher, Museum of Modern Art
  • Sofia Kofodimos, Museum of Modern Art, Morgan Library & Museum
  • James Mitchell
  • Giana Ricci, Frick Art Reference Library
  • Susan E. Thomas, Long Island University Brooklyn Library

2:00 — 3:30 pm

Avalanche Magazine

                Founded by Liza Béar and Willoughby Sharp, Avalanche Magazine(1970—1976) is known for prioritizing the voices of artists through in-depth interviews or less formal dialogues, and for documenting their work processes through cinematic photographs. Remarkable for the breadth of its international content, Avalanche remains an unparalleled source of information on the new media, attitudes, and politics of art during the 1970s. After the screening of a short film of Liza Béar in conversation with Christophe Cherix (MoMA), Sofia Kofodimos (MoMA, Morgan Library & Museum) will introduce the panelists and present select items related to Avalanche’s production from MoMA’s archive. Kim Conaty (Whitney Museum) will discuss Avalanche in light of its conception as an “international information tool” by focusing on how the magazine was designed to be used as an exhibition space, not just read. Amy Ballmer (Pratt Institute) will discuss her work creating the Avalanche Index, a comprehensive online open access resource designed to help researchers find and identify content within the magazine. Organized by Sofia Kofodimos. Liza Béar regrets that she is unable to participate in person.

6:00 — 7:30 pm

Diasporic Print Space

                How are diasporic communities intentionally ‘taking up space’, and re-framing mainstream narratives of migration with printed matter? For this panel, Liberian born and Baltimore based Bilphena Yahwon of Press Press will be in conversation with Lizania Cruz (We the News), Stephanie Orentas (La Liga Zine), and PJ Gubatina Policarpio (Pilipinx American Library). Join us as we discuss new & recent platforms for radical kinship, investigation, and collective reimagination. Organized by Catherine Feliz.
A small reception will be held immediately afterwards. Please join us for wine and chitchat.


11:00 AM — 12:30 pm

Queer Publishing as Community Practice

                This panel and roundtable brings together Nicole Killian (VCU GDES, ISSUES magazine), Be Oakley (GenderFail), and Gabriel Ramirez (Unity Press/Unity Queer Skateboarding) to discuss their projects, which envision queer publishing as an intersectional and community-based practice. The panelists consider how publishing can amplify queer, nonbinary, and POC voices and envision radical new forms of collaboration that extend beyond the printed page. Whether organizing meetups for queer-identified skateboarders, building a participatory archive of zines and functional sculptures, or bridging online and offline networks through design and education, these publishers consider empathy, failure, and play as part of an activist practice. Organized by Sarah Hamerman.

2:00 — 3:30 pm

Comics are Books by Artists

                Historically, comics and artists’ books have existed within different cultural and commercial contexts and have employed different methods of material production. However, many of the distinctions between comics and artists’ books have been erased in the hands of contemporary artists who blend both histories to make books of comics as their chosen medium of artistic expression. Comics critic and curator Bill Kartalopoulos will lead a conversation about the growing relationship between comics and artists’ books with artists David Sandlin (Sleep of History) and Aidan Koch (Little Angels) and publisher Lisa Pearson (Siglio Press). Organized by Giana Ricci.

4:00 — 5:30 pm

Vernacular Photography and Narrative

                The history of appropriated imagery in artists’ books is a rich one. The recontextualization of other people’s photographs continues to evolve within the contemporary photobook medium. This panel will focus on three artists who weave these found photographs into new fictions, use family snapshots to interrogate familial and societal structures, and bring hidden histories to light, or perhaps make more mysterious. Artists Melissa Catanese, Gillian McCain and Erika Morillo will discuss these topics in their books and practice. Organized by Emily Dunne.
A small reception will be held immediately afterwards. Please join us for wine and chitchat.


LBBY = Printed Matter booth in the Lobby
BSP = Book Space at Artbook


6:00 pm, A69
Launch of Contemporary Landscapes by Germes Gang. Presented by Stolen Books.

6:00 pm, A69
Launch of Normal by Luis Alegre. Presented by Stolen Books.

6:00 pm, A69
Launch of As Aventuras de Qualquer Coisa by André Ruivo. Presented by Stolen Books.

6:00 pm, A69
Launch of The Swimmer by Klaus Kremmerz. Presented by Stolen Books.

6:00 pm, A69
Launch of Don’t Make Me Spell It Out V by Cecília Corujo. Presented by Stolen Books.

6:00 pm, A69
Launch of Unveiling by Fabrizio Matos. Presented by Stolen Books.

6:00 pm, B08
Launch of new titles by Melek Zertal, Francesco Marrello, and Milena Bassen. Presented by Colorama.

6:00 pm, B20:
Launch of new book of illustrations by Keith Boadwee. Presented Unity Press.

6:00 pm, B20:
Launch of Fag School #3 by Brontez Purnell. Presented by Unity Press.

6:00 pm, G04
Signing of 2016 in Museums, Money and Politics by Andrea Fraser. Presented by Westreich Wagner.

6:00 pm, M03:
Signing of 20th Century Boy by Duncan Hannah. Presented by steven harvey fine art projects.

6:00 pm, Z07
Signing with Masanao Hirayama. Presented by UTRECHT.

6:30 pm, H01
Launch of new editions from Justin Adian. Presented by Almine Rech Gallery Editions.

7:00 pm, N11
Launch and signing of The Road by Ross Goodwin. Presented by Jean Boite Editions.

8:00 pm, H01
Launch of new editions by Chris Succo. Presented by Almine Rech Gallery Editions.


1:00 pm, A37
Launch of Powerhouse by Sam Blackwood. Presented by Snöar Press.

1:00 pm, BSP
Signing of Keep Walking Intently by Lori Waxman. Presented by Sternberg Press.

1:00 pm, N16
Launch and signing of Movement in Squares by Stephanie Leinhos. Presented by Gloria Glitzer.

2:00 pm, O15
Signing of Khichdi (Kitchari) by Nick Sethi. Presented by Dashwood Books.

3:00 pm, BSP
Signing of 131 Different Things by Nick Zinner, Zachary Lipez, and Stacy Wakefield. Presented by Akashic Books.

3:00 pm, C13
Launch and signing of Women of the World by Marge Monko. Presented by Lugemik.

3:00 pm, N24
Signing of Cry Like a Man by Joshua Olley. Presented by Paradigm.

3:00 pm, Q05
Signing of Connect Here by Rosaire Appel. Presented by Small Editions.

3:00 pm, X03
Launch and signing of Lancy Wyman: A Proposal for the 1976 USA Bicentennial Identity by Lance Wyman. Presented by Unit Editions.

4:00 pm, C14
Signing of Tender Mint, with Lynn Alleva Lilley. Presented by The Eriskay Connection.

4:00 pm, BSP
Launch of Issue 2 of mag@zine: Sex, Gender, Print. Presented by Artbook @ MoMA PS1 Magazine Store & Actual Source.

4:00 pm, N30
Launch and signing of Higher by John Edmonds. Presented by Capricious.

5:00 pm, BSP
Release Party and Talk: Matthew Craven, PRIMER (Anthology Editions).

5:00 pm, C13
Launch and signing of Dawn of the Swarm by Merike Estna. Presented by Lugemik.

5:00 pm, N16
Launch and signing of About #9 by Son Ni. Presented by Gloria Glitzer.

5:00 pm, V09
Launch and signing of Clayton’s Ascent and Confederate Moons (from Annual Series No. 6) with Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern. Presented by TBW Books.

6:00 pm, T01
Signing of Unto Dust by Greg Miller. Presented by L’Artiere Publishing.

6:00 pm, V06
Launch of PAPER JOURNAL 01. Presented by PAPER JOURNAL.

7:00 pm, T01
Signing of January 1 by Andrea Modica. Presented by L’Artiere Publishing.


12:00 pm, B02
Launch and signing of 520 by Jayne Lies. Presented by LIES.

12:00 pm, B02
Launch and signing of HIghest Sphere by Linda Zeb Hang. Presented by FIST & TXTbooks.

12:00 pm, S02
Signing of Midwest Sentimental by Nathaniel Grann. Presented by Peperoni Books.

1:00 pm, A37
Launch of I Did Absolutely Nothing & It Was Everything I Thought It Could Be by Mark Buchanan. Presented by Snöar Press.

1:00 pm, B19
Launch of Margaret van Eyck – Renaming an Institution, a Case Study by Hagen Verleger. Presented by Peradam Press.

1:00 pm, C05
Launch and signing of A Grocer’s Orgy by Lucas Blalock. Presented by Primary Information.

1:00 pm, N16
Launch and signing of Curtains by Julien Gobled & Gloria Glitzer. Presented by Gloria Glitzer.

1:00 pm, N24
Signing of Sleep Machines by Remy Holwick. Presented by Paradigm.

1:00 pm, N38
Launch of Cmd+Y by Zheyu Chen. Presented by UPON.

1:00 pm, N47
Signing of ESL or You Weren’t Here by Aldrin Valdez. Presented by Nightboat Books.

1:00 pm, O15
Signing of Music for my Eyes by Grace Ahlbom. Presented by Dashwood Books.

1:00 pm, Q05
Signing of onceyouseeityoucan’tunseeit by Michael Merck. Presented by Small Editions.

1:00 pm, Q08
Launch of 5 Posters by Jenny Monick. Presented by Space Sisters Press.

2:00 pm, LBBY
Launch and signing of Weaving Language II by Francesca Capone.

2:00 pm, 014
Launch and signing of Your Blues by Michael Schmelling. Presented by Skinnerbox and The Ice Plant.

2:00 pm, BSP
Launch of Issue 3 of MOLD Magazine.

2:00 pm, C13
Launch and signing of The Bible Hounds Songbook by Else Lagerspetz. Presented by Knock! Knock! Books and Lugemik.

2:00 pm, M02
Signing of Souls Against the Concrete by Khalik Allah. Presented by Harper’s Books.

2:00 pm, O05
Signing Still (Noon)“ by Shane Lavalette. Presented by Edition Patrick Frey.

2:00 pm, O11
Signing with David Rothenberg. Presented by ROMAN NVMERALS.

2:00 pm, R05
Signing with Zoe Beloff. Presented by Electronic Arts Intermix.

2:00 pm, S02
Signing of Real Life Drama by Mary Frey. Presented by Peperoni Books.

2:00 pm, V05
Signing of SYRACUSE, 1981 by Bruce Gilden. Presented by SUPER LABO.

2:00 pm, V06
Launch and signing of Golden Persimmons II b y Brian Kanagaki. Presented by Palm Studios.

2:00 pm, W03

2:00 pm, W08
Launch and signing of Life at the End of the Gasoline Age by Bill Burke. Presented by Mike Mandel and Bill Burke.

2:00 pm, W08
Launch and signing of Campaign by Mike Mandel & Chantal Zakari. Presented by Mike Mandel and Bill Burke.

2:00 pm, W08
Launch and signing of A Catalog of Flags by Chantal Zakari. Presented by Mike Mandel and Bill Burke.

2:00 pm, Z06
Signing of Neither a Salt Spring Nor a Horse by Nick Waplington. Presented by Pacific.

2:00 pm, Z09
Signing of Boarding Pass by Ari Marcopoulos. Presented by Perimeter Editions.

2:00 pm, V09
Launch and signing of Airgap with Drew Brown. Presented by TBW Books.

2:00 pm, B27
Signing of In The Vicinity by Ed Panar. Presented by Deadbeat Club.

3:00 pm, A37
Signing of Giving Your Bird Them Feelings & Hot Achesby Ben Goulder. Presented by Snöar Press.

3 :00 pm, A47
Launch and signing of Stretching Exercises by Michael Fernandes and Craig Leonard. Presented by NSCAD Printed Matter Class.

3:00 pm, BSP
Carmen Winant, Maia Ruth Lee, Molly Prentiss, and Durga Chew-Bose present My Birth.

3:00 pm, B08
Launch of a new book by Maren Karlson. Presented by Colorama.

3:00 pm, B21
Launch and signing with Philip Emde & Jocko. Presented by Stefan Marx.

3:00 pm, B27
Launch and signing of Still Feel Gone by Tim Carpenter and Nathan Pearce. Presented by Deadbeat Club.

3:00 pm, LBBY
Launch and signing of Passion by Bernhard Kleber. Published by Walter de Gruyter GmbH.

3:00 pm, N06
Launch and signing of BUCHHANDLING by Claudia de la Torre. Presented by backbonebooks.

3:00 pm, N09
Signing of SINGLE by Hai Hsin Huang. Presented by nos:books.

3:00 pm, N28
Signing of After BUTT by Ian Giles.

3:00 pm, O11
Signing with Daniel Terna. Presented by ROMAN NVMERALS.

3:00 pm, O16
Signing of Unicorn by Bela Borsodi. Presented by Libraryman.

3:00 pm, V03
Signings with Leslie Hewitt. Presented by OSMOS.

3:00 pm, V09
Launch and signing of Driftless with Jason Vaughn and Brad Zellar. Presented by TBW Books.

3:00 pm, W04
Signing of Seabird by Bobby Doherty. Presented by Loose Joints.

4:00 pm, BSP
Launch of Recto / Verso: Art Publishing in Practice. Presented by Hauser & Wirth Publishers.

4:00 pm, C9
Launch and signing of The Castby Ruth Van Beek. Presented by New Documents.


4:00 pm, H01
Launch and signing with Chris Succo. Presented by Almine Rech Gallery Editions.

4:00 pm, LBBY
Launch of The Mysterious Tale of Gentle Jack and Lord Bumblebee. Signing with Stephen Ostrowski. Published by Small Press.

4:00 pm, N06
Launch and signing of UNFORTUNATELY by Omri Livne. Presented by backbonebooks.

4:00 pm, N24
Signing of Safety in Numbers by Sasha Douglas-Nares. Presented by Paradigm.

4:00 pm, O11
Signing with Elizabeth Bick. Presented by ROMAN NVMERALS.

4:00 pm, O16
Signing of Aya by Francesca Allen. Presented by Libraryman.

4:00 pm, P06
Signing of Workerz Work #1and Workerz Work #1-5 by Antonio Serna. Presented by Allied Productions, Inc.

4:00 pm, R01
Signing of Límites Invisibles by Matias Roth. Presented by Point of Contact.

4:00 pm, S02
Signing of The Great Falls by Michael Dalton II. Presented by Peperoni Books.

4:00 pm, S08
Launch and signing of The Jean Freeman Gallery Does Not Exist by Christopher Howard. Presented by MIT Press.

4:00 pm, U01
Launch and signing of NEW YORK STUDIO CONVERSATIONS II – TWENTY-ONE WOMEN TALK ABOUT ART with Stephanie Buhmann. Presented by Idea Books.

4:00 pm, V09
Launch and signing of Manifest with Kristine Potter. Presented by TBW Books.

4:00pm, W01
Launch and signing of El Libro Supremo de la Suerte by Rose Marie Cromwell. Presented by TIS books.

4:00 pm, W01
Launch and signing of Halfstory Halflife by Raymond Meeks. Presented by TIS books and Chose Commune.

4:00 pm, W04
Signing of Ice Fishers by Aleksey Kondratyev. Presented by Loose Joints.

4:00 pm, X03
Launch and signing of Karlssonwilker ON America by Jan Wilker. Presented by Unit Editions.

5:00 pm, BSP
Book launch and talk, Restricted Images, with Patrick Waterhouse.

5:00 pm, B15
Launch of Masochist #2 Thom Zynwala by David Rimanelli. Presented by ARRSTAR.

5:00 pm, RM E Book
Launch and signing with Richard McGuire. Presented by Alden Projects™.

5:00 pm, N06
Launch and signing of Flores by Claudia de la Torre. Presented by backbonebooks.

6:00 pm, O04
Launch and signing of Voyagers by Melissa Catanese. Presented by Ice Plant.

5:00 pm, O16
Signing of Visitor and Milky Way by Vincent Ferrané. Presented by Libraryman.

5:00 pm, Q03
Launch and signing of Shy Radicals by Hamja Ahsan. Presented by Book Works.

5:00 pm, Q05
Signing of The Conquerors of Space by Brittany Nelson. Presented by Small Editions

6:00 pm, B20
Launch and signing of the new zine Working by Jeffrey Cheung. Presented by Unity Press.

6:00 pm, BSP
Reading and signing, Wood River Blue Pool, with Emma Kemp, Laura Wexler, and Jo Ann Walters.

7:00 pm, BSP
Jan Voss presesnts and discusses Boekie Woekie’s Het Andre Behr Pamflet series.


12:00 pm, Z09
Signing of Plastics by Michael James Fox. Presented by Perimeter editions.

1:00 pm, N16
Launch and signing of RIFFRAFF by Gloria Glitzer. Presented by Gloria Glitzer.

1:00 pm, N48
Launch of Hand-made L.E. Photo Book by Garrett Kalleberg. Presented by Futurepoem Books.

1:00 pm, Q05
Launch and signing of Bikini Girls by Isabelle Schipper. Presented by Small Editions.

1:00 pm, Z09
Signing of Second Sight by Sarah Walker. Presented by Perimeter Editions.

2:00 pm, BSP
The Children’s Books and Influence of Bruno Munari, a panel discussion. Presented by Center for Book Arts.

2:00 pm, N47
Signing of Crosslight for Youngbird by Asiya Wadud. Presented by Nightboat Books.

2:00 pm, W02
Launch of Complicit by Matthew Morrocco. Presented by MATTE Editions.

2:30 pm, BSP
Elisabeth Lortic hosts a panel discussion titled The Children’s Books and Influence of Bruno Munari.

3:00 pm, N24
Signing of Harlem Remembers the Bronx by Livingroom Johnston. Presented by Paradigm.

3:00 pm, N47
Signing of Silk Poems by Jen Bervin. Presented by Nightboat Books.

3:00 pm, Q05
Signing of Users/Manual by Kari Cholnoky. Presented by Small Editions.

3:00 pm, V06
Launch and signing of Northern Rivers by Lola Paprocka and Pani Paul. Presented by Palm Studios.

3:30 pm, BSP
Francesca Capone, Weaving Language II: Language is Image, Paper, Code, & Cloth and Woven


4:00 pm, C01
Signing of 43–35 10TH STREET by Daniel Shea. Presented by Kodoji Press.

4:00 pm, N47
Signing of Rock | Salt | Stone by Rosamond S King. Presented by Nightboat Books.

4:00 pm, R01
Signing of Límites Invisibles by Matias Roth. Presented by Point of Contact.

4:30 pm, BSP
Signing of Neue Frauen by Leonhard Hurzlmeier.


The award is granted to four first-time NYABF exhibitors (artists, artists’ book publishers, or collectives) in the early stages of their career. The inaugural year winners are backbonebooks, Ian Giles, MonoRhetorik, and Sming Sming Books.


A component of the NYABF since its inception in 2006, Friendly Fire features presses and artists’ collectives that practice different forms of cultural, social and political activism. This year’s participants include 8-Ball Community, Allied Productions, Inc., Interference Archive, Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, True Laurels, and Visual AIDS among others. Curated by Printed Matter’s Executive Director Max Schumann.
8-Ball Community
Allied Productions, Inc.
Bread & Puppet Press
Guerrilla Girls
Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative
Other Forms
Temporary Services / Half Letter Press
True Laurels
Visual AIDS
World War 3 Illustrated



Thursday – Sunday, Duplex

Printed Matter, Inc. presents A History of Zines!

                A wide-reaching historical exhibition of zine publishing across the 20th century and onward, beginning with science-fiction and underground horror publications of the 1920s, and concluding with new works created on occasion of this year’s NYABF. A History of Zines! gathers more than 400 self-published works and related archival materials, spanning genres and offering an unmediated view into various subcultures and grassroots activism, including LGBTQ, punk, hip-hop, the Mimeo Revolution, photography, skateboarding, the beats, and feminism. A selection of zines will be available for browsing. A History of Zines! is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Shannon Michael Cane, a beloved member of the Printed Matter staff who played an indelible role in developing the NY and LA Art Book Fairs during his time as Curator of Fairs & Editions.
Curated by 8-Ball Community and Johan Kugelberg/Boo-Hooray.


Thursday – Sunday
Basement, near the Theater

             Throughout the Fair weekend, NY Art Book Fair exhibitors and visitors are invited to contribute memories, thoughts, illustrations, and other personal expressions to the bulletin board that will be installed in the Basement near the Theater. Printed Matter hopes to compile and publish these pages, online or in print, in remembrance of Shannon Michael Cane‘s lasting impact.


6:00 – 9:00 pm, Staircase

NYABF18 Opening Night Preview

                Join us on Thursday, September 20 from 6 to 9 pm, at MoMA PS1 for our opening night preview. The evening will feature special live performances presented by Blank Forms.                 Preview tickets are $20, and include a limited edition work by artist Ryan Gander. Purchase your preview ticket here.


9:00-5:00 pm, Basement Theater

Montez Press Radio

                Montez Press Radio will present a day-long live broadcast featuring performances, conversations, and recordings with a focus on the benefits of piracy, small presses, and alternative forms of distribution.

5:30 pm, Basement Theater

2018 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards Shortlist

                Join Aperture in the Basement Theater at the New York Art Book Fair for the announcement of the 2018 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards Shortlist, celebrating the photobook’s contribution to the evolving narrative of photography. Showcasing the best recently published books across three major categories: First PhotoBook, PhotoBook of the Year, and Photography Catalogue of the Year. The 2018 shortlist jury this year includes Lesley Martin (Creative Director, Aperture Foundation and publisher of The PhotoBook Review), Christophe Wiesner (Artistic Director, Paris Photo), Kristen Lubben(Executive Director, Magnum Foundation), Yasufumi Nakamori(Curator), and Lucy Gallun (Associate Curator, The Museum of Modern Art). The jury will speak briefly about the current State of the PhotoBook in advance of announcing the thirty-five books short-listed for award consideration.


11:00 am-1:00pm , Basement Theater

In Memory of Shannon Michael Cane (1974-2017)

                Please join us as we remember our dear friend and colleague Shannon Michael Cane. We invite you to gather in the Basement Theater from 11-1pm on Sunday, September 23, to share memories, stories, or simply reflect. This event will also be open to the public. As many of you know having worked with him personally, Shannon was a beloved member of Printed Matter’s staff who played an indelible role in developing the NY and LA Art Book Fairs during his time as Curator of Fairs & Editions.